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As a web developer, it always pains me to hear people that they do not really think much about web hosting more than their actual websites. To me, it is very appalling because your choice of a web host can truly have a major impact on your website’s success.

You see, going for the best web hosting company assures you that you not only get the features that you need but also the success that is always guaranteed to you.

Today, I am going to talk about the importance of choosing the right web hosting company.

Website Speed

Google and other search engines put major emphasis on site loading speeds than other factors. That is because, in a survey conducted by the search engine giant, it was found out that higher bounce rates are a result of slow loading or poor-performing websites.

As a website owner, it is crucial that your website loads in less than 3 seconds, otherwise, you risk losing potential customers. Always keep in mind that the e-commerce industry is filled with a lot of competition and it is much easier for your potential customers to just go somewhere else if your site doesn’t load as fast as your competitors.

The reason why website loading speeds usually fall in the hands of your web hosting provider is that they are the ones that own the servers that are used to house your website. If they do not get the best possible hardware and internet connectivity, then you can expect poor performance across the board. A reliable web host ensures that you not only get the best possible performance but it is also consistent in delivering just that.

Customer Support

If there are any issues that arise at a certain point in time, how quickly can you get a hold of your web hosting provider’s customer representative? That is also one measure to gauge how well your hosting company values your time and others’.

That being said, it is also worth going for a company that will have an actual human being talk to you instead of pre-recorded messages that play over and over again whenever you try to call their hotline.

Good customer support is usually an afterthought for a lot of website owners, but this is definitely an important consideration if you are looking for a web host.

Security as a Strong Point

You should always be wary of potential online threats that may come to your website. It is imperative that your hosting provider makes use of the latest and greatest anti-malware software and firewall to ensure that no hacker or malicious entity will be able to fish out important information from you and your customers.

Frequent Backups

It is worth noting that any piece of hardware could fail at any point in time. This also means that your hosting company’s servers could potentially go haywire at some point.

In order to have peace of mind, you’d want to settle with a company that manually conducts server backups on a regular basis.

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