Are you dreaming of having a beautiful, yet inexpensive wedding? Planning a low-cost wedding celebration will definitely require tons of thoughts, negotiation and ideas. Here are some tips that will help you pull of a beautiful and affordable occasion.

1. Limit your wedding guest list.

This may be one of the most difficult techniques since of course, you would want to invite every friend and relative that come to mind. Having a smaller attendee list can cut down the costs of your food and beverages, according to wedding and event planners in Malaysia. Lesser guests also mean smaller reception hall and lower budget.

Ready to double check your guest list? Make sure to pick your favorite people, but also be ready for some family or friendship drama.

2. Look for a flexible wedding reception hall.

An appropriate reception hall is your ticket an affordable wedding. Good reception halls can give you great price discounts for weekday wedding dates. Moreover, one potential wedding cost saver is to look for a location that doesn’t have a reputation of a wedding venue.

3. Hire your own wedding caterer.

Think outside the box. Inquire if the nearest restaurant in your home offers reliable catering services. When you choose to avail the reception venue’s catering, they are sure to set a higher price, and the meals would most probably suck.

4. Create your own checklist.

Instead of hiring a professional musician or DJ for live performances, consider making your own checklist. Choose the most meaningful songs for you and your partner. This is a simple plug and play solution to expensive professional services.

5. Plan your own wedding.

Planning a wedding is difficult even for the most creative and organized couples. It allows you to negotiate various vendor costs, and acquire comparisons. Of course, you would want to control 100% of your wedding’s budget, instead of relying to someone else.

6. Monitor every wedding expense. Set your prioritizes.

Monitor all of your expenses. Doing so would help you work around your budget effectively.

Some Final Thoughts on Planning a Low-Cost Wedding

Your wedding is the most special day in your life. Keep in mind that it is possible to plan a wedding without breaking the bank. It is possible to plan it and monitor the expenses yourself.

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