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If you are thinking about creating a digital presence by creating a website, you might be compelled to keep your costs at a minimum. That is why most people who are contemplating about creating their own platform would usually go to Google and search for free website hosting. Well, even though you think that it is a good idea, it is actually not. In fact, you might end up paying more than you should. If anything, you’d want to get a reliable web hosting provider that will always be there for you. In this article, I will talk about the reasons why running a ‘free website’ is a bad idea.

A ‘Free Web Host’ is Not Exactly Free

When we hear the word ‘free’, we instantly assume it to be something that you can take free of charge. Although you are not going to be spending money upfront when you are getting the services of a free web host, you are actually paying them in another way, particularly, in the form of ads.
You see, for them to generate some money for upkeep, they will post unscrupulous ads that are not even relevant to the content or theme of your website. This will only hurt your reputation.

Poor Site Performance

Because so many websites are lumped into a single server, you are going to experience poor site performance across the board. And, truth be told, that is actually going to be detrimental to your online success. You see, Google will rank websites based on page-loading speeds and if you have a poor performing website, your webpage will be ranked much lower than others.

Hidden Charges

Despite the fact that you are not compelled to pay anything upfront, free website hosting services would usually impose hidden charges. You might be surprised that you are billed a certain amount just for using their service at some point.

Server Reliability is Weak

Keep in mind that these free hosting services actually have less than stellar servers which means that at any time, your website will not be accessible because their servers have crashed (some, permanently at that).

No Proper Domain

If you have thoughts of using your own domain name using a free hosting provider, think again. Because you are using a free server, you will always get a subdomain right after your main URL. That is just part of the service that you are getting. They Can Potentially Sell Your Data Because they need to make money somehow, free web hosts can potentially sell your data to willing buyers without your permission.

No Extensive Features

When you are going to rely on a free web host, do not expect to get any added functionality on your website. This means that you do not have access to website builders, analytics, and other services that you would otherwise get if you spend money on a reliable hosting company.

Possible Malware Infection

Free web hosts are notorious for having poor website security. So, if you value your website and files too much, do not indulge in such services.

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