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Surprising Facts About Chicken

Currently, more organic chickens than all the other land animals are raised and killed for food. McDonald’s kills chickens every year in its restaurants, hundreds and millions of chickens.

8 Surprising Facts About Chickens:

1. Chickens can distinguish between their own species. It is like their brains have one terabyte of space. They have very powerful memories.
2. Chickens are acquainted with who the chief is. The social structures are complex, every chicken knows its position on the social ladder.
3. Chickens’ vision is full of light. Basically, in their lives, they never experience color blindness.
4. Chickens prefer to bathe under the hot sun as they spend more time under the sun than in their coop.
5. Chickens are the real beauty of nature. During their sleep they experience rapid eye movement, which means that they dream like human beings do.
6. Chickens have pain receptors that allow them to feel sorrow and distress.
7. Chickens are very brave and very courageous. They don’t fear battling and defending their young people from predators while danger occurs.
8. Chickens are really lovely, smart and cute.


Raising a house full of chickens can be a wonderful experience and a source of enjoyment. It teaches people the expectations about life. The domestic chickens can also provide an excellent source of low-cost poultry products of high quality.

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